LIVE IT OUT! Wheels for the World

If you could change the life of a disabled child who is isolated and overlooked, would you do it? Joni and Friends invites you to join us and live out your faith.

These children are excluded from life in the outside world because they have no way of moving around. With a wheelchair, they can attend school and church and become part of their communities and villages.

You can change a child’s life! It costs just $150 to send a wheelchair! Thank you for accepting our challenge to…LIVE IT OUT!


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Four Ways to Give the Gift of Mobility

Start a Fundraising Effort

You can start a fundraising effort on your own. Or you can start a team and get a group involved - your family and friends, your church, or any group you belong to!

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Join an Existing Team

Has someone invited you to help them send wheelchairs? Here’s the place to join their fundraising effort. Click here to find their team and join it!

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Send a Wheelchair

You can change a life with one donation! Children and adults with disabilities need your support — will you send a wheelchair to them?

Send a Wheelchair

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