Joni and Friends Family Retreats share the Gospel message and bring the hope of Christ to families affected by disability while meeting the practical and spiritual needs of each family in a safe and accessible camp environment. Family Retreats offer an accepting environment where families affected by disability can fellowship with other families who face similar challenges, build lasting memories, and renew their hope in God. Each camp or conference center has its own unique facilities, so Family Retreat is packed with exciting adventures for the whole family. 

Each day, there will be exciting age-appropriate worship, teaching, crafts, and recreation. Adults will enjoy Christ-centered worship, teaching, and practical seminars that address family life and issues related to life with a disability. Marriages will be encouraged and strengthened. The afternoons are free for relaxation or participation in a variety of optional activities. Evenings are full of family-oriented activities like talent shows, camp fires, concerts, carnivals, and more! Caring and trained volunteers will serve families throughout the week. 



Sample Family Retreat Content

  • Horseback rides
  • Other fun activities
  • Great food!


Additional Family Retreat Content

  • Even more fun stuff