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Live it Out! Wheels for the World

Five for Freedom

Welcome to Five for Freedom!

With a donation of $5 dollars (or more), together we can provide Freedom to a disabled child or adult around the world!

In developing countries, disabled adults and children often live isolated and alone in their homes, with no access to education, work, or their community. We can give them freedom to come and go. Go places they were never able to go before, because they cannot walk.

Through Joni and Friends, together, we will send wheelchairs to impoverished communities in developing countries around the world. There, volunteer teams of occupational and physical therapists carefully fit each wheelchair to meet the recipient's specific needs. With a wheelchair, children can attend school; adults can obtain employment, attend church, and be a part of their community. Each recipient also hears the Gospel Message, and is connected with the support of a local church. Their lives are changed!

This holiday season we want to send wheelchairs to disabled children and adults, who are in desperate need of such a gift. Will you be a part of this movement to change lives? Please click the ‘Donate’ button on the right to make a contribution to our team fundraiser.

Thank you for your support!

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